About Smart Trips

It’s never been easier to try an alternative way of getting around. Smart Trips by Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization helps people reduce drive-alone trips and discover convenient alternatives – like buses, bikes, vanpools, carpools and walking routes.


The Smart Trips Promise

Offering alternatives to driving alone that inspires people to take small steps toward a larger goal of improving their quality of life while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

The Smart Trips Brand Position

The region’s only resource that makes alternative transportation easy, fun, and rewarding for individuals, companies, and the community at large.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to introduce Smart Trips to the local population of eligible travelers and commuters, build relationships with employer-partners and activate program participants to become vocal advocates for the program.

What do we want people to think?

Alternative transportation doesn’t have to be hard. Smart Trips integrates into your everyday routine no matter where, or who you are. We are awesome rewards and incentives for those using alternatives to driving alone.



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