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About School Pool

School Pool is a free program for Knox County Schools to encourage carpooling to and from school with chances to win prizes for participating. School Pool offers a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way to get kids to and from school daily, saving parents time and money.

School Pool is managed by Smart Trips, which is a free, online program that gives participants the opportunity to earn gift cards for driving less. Both programs work to promote alternatives to driving alone, easing traffic congestion, improving our region’s air quality and quality of life.

Why School Pool?

Signing up for School Pool allows you to see a map of parents who want to carpool to school. The site is secure and confidential, and no information about children is needed.

School Pool users help reduce traffic and air pollution around schools, which means healthier and safer kids.

By signing up for School Pool, you will save time AND money waiting in drop-off and pick-up lines. Idling in line burns gas, which costs you money, and is a waste of time. Fewer cars in line mean less gas wasted and shorter waits.

School Pool is a great way to connect with the families in your area. It takes a village to raise a child, and carpooling is a great way to grow yours!


I’m interested in carpooling, but I am unable to drive in one. Can I still participate?
Absolutely! By signing up with School Pool, you can arrange with other parents to participate by pitching in for gas money, or arranging rides for other events, times, places, etc.

I’m already in a carpool. Why register?
By registering with School Pool, you enter yourself into the database as a potential match for other carpoolers, should your circumstances change. You may also be able to help out other parents looking for a match. Plus, you will be entered to win great prizes from area vendors!

What about after-school activities? Or drop-off at grandma’s house?
When setting up the carpool with other parents, you can make individual arrangements for after-school care. You can also arrange carpools to and from practices, games or other activities.

I’m having an issue with the website. Who do I talk to?
Contact Smart Trips staff with any issues at (865) 215-2916 or at

How do I register for School Pool?
Call the Smart Trips staff at (865) 216-2916, email or complete this form, and we will get you signed up!

How Does It Work?

To get started with School Pool, you’ll first need to be entered into the Smart Trips system. You can do that by calling (865) 215-2916, emailing or completing this form, . We will register you as part of the School Pool program.

Once registration is complete, you are ready to find a carpool.

1. From the Smart Trips home screen, click Find Commuting Partners.

2. Your carpool matches will appear in the lower left. Select the commuter that best works with your carpool commute and Request Carpool.

3. An email will be sent to the School Pool parent you requested. If they accept the request, you will receive an email. You can then begin arranging your School Pool commute plan!

Tips for a Successful School Pool

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