Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Smart Trips cost?

Smart Trips services are free for all employers and commuters who live and/or work in the following counties: Knox, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Anderson, Loudon and a portion of Roane and Cocke counties. Smart Trips is funded by the US Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and Knox County.

How do I get started?

Registration is quick and super easy! Visit our ridematching platform on your computer or download the app on your phone. We only require the minimum from you (i.e., name and email) at registration. If additional information is needed (e.g., home address, work, etc.), that will be collected at the appropriate time.

How do the prizes and incentives work?

Smart Trips members earn points by recording their greener trips on the Smart Trips Commute Calendar. Rewards and incentives are achieved once a member has earned enough points.

How do I log trips?

You can quickly record your carpool, vanpool, transit, walk, bike, telecommute, scooter, and compressed work week in just a few clicks on the Smart Trips Commute Calendar. For every trip that you record earns you points  you can then be redeemed for rewards. Recorded trips can be single or multimode, marked as commute or non-commute trips, one-way or round trip, saved as trip profiles, and scheduled as automatically recurring trips. You can view the impact of each trip including the money saved, gas saved, emissions prevented, and more.

Can I log personal trips?

Yes! You can earn points towards rewards and incentives for them too.

How many trips can I log per day?

You can record as many trips as you like on the Commute Calendar, however, points are only awarded for the first two trips.

What if I have a recurring trip (i.e., carpool every Tuesday, ride the bus every Wednesday and Thursday)?

Once you’ve added your recurring trip to the Commute Calendar once, you can establish the trip as a recurring trip and select the frequency of the recurrence. You will have to periodically confirm that your ongoing activity is still occurring every 60 days. Failure to confirm will result in the trip being turned off. Recurring trips are limited to only one recurring trip per day.

How does ridematching work?

You can search for rides and plan trips with other Smart Trips participants using a wide variety of options, including: mode (e.g., carpool, vanpool, transit, etc.), origin, destination, commute times, gender, smoking preferences, language, organization (i.e., network), subgroups (e.g., division, department), affiliation (e.g., staff, student), special events (e.g., concert), single trips (e.g., doctor office, shopping). You can view your matches in a list or on a map and contact members about traveling together. For privacy reasons, real names, emails, and home addresses are not shared and users are not allowed to zoom in too closely on each other’s home or work location. If needed, you can flag any inappropriate accounts and place other members on a “do-not-contact” list to prevent unwanted communications. You can also search for rides without having to join, but you will be required to join in order to contact members about traveling together.

What happens when I can’t find a match?

Don’t give up! Check back periodically for ridematching options on our platform. If you are still having issues finding someone to travel with, it may be helpful to reach out to someone in Human Resources at your worksite. You could also post about your ridematching search on your neighborhood’s Facebook page and/or on Nextdoor.

What is Emergency Ride Home?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a reward/service we provide for our Smart Trips participants when they find themselves in a pinch on days they used a form of alternative transportation. Smart Trips will cover up to five Uber or Lyft rides or up to $150 per fiscal year (whichever comes first). Some circumstances that qualify for ERH include, but are not limited to: carpool partner is asked to work overtime, you get a flat tire on your bike on your way to work, a storm rolls through on a day you’re walking to work. Find out more about our Emergency Ride Home program.


Are there any tax breaks for opting to travel sustainably?

Some circumstances do qualify for tax breaks, however, we do not administer those types of incentives.