Carpool and Vanpool Rentals

Commute with Enterprise

Upgrade Your Commute


As a leader in transporation solutions, Enterprise is committed to finding better ways to get people where they need to go. They’re making it easier for companies and commuters to share a ride to work.

How it Works

They connect coworkers who live near each other and supply the recent-model SUV, van or crossover of their choice. Everyone benefits from more savings and a more enjoyable commute.

Who to Contact

Call Zarema Maxwell at (615) 506 – 1804 or email┬á for information on prices and details on getting a carpool or vanpool started.

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Reasons for Ridesharing

“My wife and my work commute totals 94 miles per day. Riding the vanpool provides me a substantial savings in fuel costs, auto maintenance as well as preserving the value of my personal vehicle.”

“Value relationships and the friendships I’ve made with ridesharing.”

“Ridesharing has freed me from the pressure of commuting. I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or pay for parking every month.”

“I’m not tense, and many days I’m relaxed by the time I get home.”