Cash For Commuters challenge reaps rewards for region, members

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From Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, Smart Trips conducted a Cash for Commuters challenge to invite new members and lapsed members of the program to consider alternatives to driving alone in exchange for a cash prize. Instead of driving alone to work, run errands or go on social outings, participants were asked to carpool, take the bus, ride their bike, work from home, walk or work a flex schedule. Participants logging a minimum of 13 days received a minimum of $3 a day, and those logging 30 days or more received $5 a day, with a maximum of $150 earned.

During the 90-day challenge, Smart Trips saw an increase of 182 new members. 6,997 trips were logged, saving 47,450 pounds of greenhouse gases and 2,409 gallons of fuel. Members also saved $12,125 in parking and fuel costs.

Not only did these green commutes earn members money, they cut down on traffic congestion and air pollution in our region. Questions about Smart Trips? Email Program Coordinator Christi Wampler at