Make Every Trip a Smart Trip

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In 2017, Smart Trips is making a big change. Beginning¬†January 1, 2017, any green commute you make counts! There are many potential members who tell us they would love to join our program, but are unable to make alternative workplace commutes for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because of picking up children, no access to the bus line, or distance to the office, we know that workplace commutes are only one of the many trips that can be green. Starting in 2017, we’re encouraging our members to make every trip a smart trip.

Walking to a business meeting a few blocks away? Carpooling to dinner on a double date? Biking to the farmer’s market? Taking the bus to a UT football game? Giving your friend a ride to church? Bringing your neighbors kids home from school? All these count, and you can log all of them on the Smart Trips website or in the all new app!

While we encourage you to make a green trip any time you can, there are a few exceptions that won’t count for the Smart Trips program. Biking and walking for exercise or recreation is a great choice, but not one we can give you credit for. Also, if you are making a trip with someone that you wouldn’t make separately anyway (like going to the grocery store with your spouse or taking your children under 16 to school) we ask that you do not log it for points. Remember, it only counts if your commute keeps a car off the road!

In addition to the new rules, we are also excited to announce that Smart Trips now has an app. Download the Knoxville Smart Trips mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play store today. Now you can log your trips, find matches and win gift cards from any mobile device. Get it here for Android users and here for Apple users.

We are excited for all the changes coming to the program in 2017! Offering more opportunities and accessibility is important as we continue to improve air quality and traffic issues in our region. Spread the word to your friends and coworkers so they can help make our region even better and win big with Smart Trips!