Creative work schedules help you and your employer reduce—or even eliminate— commuting time. If managed carefully, they also increase productivity. Here are some types of creative work schedules:

Telework (also called Telecommuting)

Work from home or some other remote site.
For more information:

If you need teleworking resources, Boulder Transportation Connections has created a resource page to assist communities with moving more workers to the current “safer at home” phase. Click here for more information!

 Creative Work Scheduling

Compressed Workweek

Employees work fewer but longer days. This option is generally quite popular with employees.  For more information:


Employees are allowed some flexibility in their daily work schedules. Oftentimes, a half hour or even 15 minutes flexibility in start and finish times is enough to allow employees to explore Smart Trips options. For more information:

Staggered Shifts

Shifts are staggered to reduce the number of employees arriving and leaving a work site at one time. This can help relieve traffic congestion and reduce stress.  For more information: