Emergency Ride Home

Smart Trips Emergency Ride Home program provides a free ride home from work only for employees who have an emergency on a day that they used alternative transportation.

When an employee who used alternative transportation to get to work has an emergency, Smart Trips ERH program will pay for their ride home – up to 60 miles one way. The ERH program does not cover rides for personal errands, pre-scheduled medical or other appointments, or other instances where transportation could have been scheduled in advance. The only side trip allowed would be to pick up a sick child at day care or school on the way home.

Upon joining Smart Trips, you will be provided with access to 2 printable Emergency Ride Home vouchers. If you use these vouchers properly and remain an active participant, you will receive access to an additional voucher each time you use a voucher, up to 5 total vouchers per year between August 1 and July 31.

When can I use a voucher?

  • You may use a voucher if you used an alternative mode of transportation to get to work and, then
  • an immediate family member (defined as spouse/partner, parent, or child) suffers an illness or injury
  • unscheduled overtime is required by your supervisor
  • your carpool driver has to stay late or leave early due to unscheduled overtime or an emergency
  • unforecasted severe weather prevents you from bicycling home

Who is eligible?

  • Smart Trips participants who have logged at least 1 clean commute in the past 30 days.
  • Permanent part-time or full-time employees (students are not eligible)
  • Participants who live and/or work in Knox, Blount, Loudon, Anderson, Jefferson, or Sevier counties.

Vouchers are non-transferable and may not be sold. They are valid only for the participant and on the day for which they are printed.

How do I arrange an Emergency Ride Home?
(If you work at Y-12 or ORNL, please follow the specific procedures for your employer.)

  1. Contact a Smart Trips Emergency Ride Home service provider listed below (providers other than those listed will not be reimbursed):

    Allright Taxi – 384-2443

  2. Tell the provider that you’re a Smart Trips program participant and the reason that you need a ride. Your voucher will NOT be accepted for payment unless you identify yourself as a Smart Trips participant at the time of the call.
  3. If more than one person shares the Emergency Ride Home, each person must submit a voucher. Additional persons result in additional charges for Smart Trips.
  4. Give the provider your name, pick-up and destination locations, time for pick-up, and any special directions. (Please allow additional time for pick up outside Knox County.)
  5. Do not keep the driver waiting more than 5 minutes. Smart Trips does not reimburse the providers to wait for participants.
  6. Fill out the voucher form completely and sign your name. If working required unscheduled overtime, get your supervisor’s signature.
  7. Give the voucher to the driver to complete and submit for reimbursement. A gratuity is NOT included in the fare.

What if I have problems using a voucher? For instance, I can’t get one to print?

Direct questions or concerns to Smart Trips at 215-2916. If you cannot get a voucher to print or if your voucher is denied by the service provider, you may submit a claim for reimbursement by sending your receipt and an explanation of your ERH situation to: Smart Trips ERH Program, 400 Main St, Suite 403, City-County Building, Knoxville, TN 37902

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denial of your remaining vouchers and ineligibility for the ERH program for one year.

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