Bike Month 2017 Has Arrived!

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May is a month when we encourage everyone to rediscover the sheer, simple joys that come from riding bicycles! Bike Month motivates new riders and inspires experienced bicyclists.

This year, I Bike KNX is giving away prizes to winners in each of these categories:

Only one prize will be awarded per person.
* any trip made by bike that is replacing a car trip – going to the movies, store, friend’s house, work, school, church, Farmers’ Market, etc.

Share your stories or photos using #ibikeknx on our Facebook pageTwitter or Instagram during May for a chance to win a prize.

To be eligible for the awards using the I Bike KNX app, enter your email address in the settings (be sure to check if you have upgraded the app or changed phones). To enter via Smart Trips, just join Smart Trips and log each time you ride your bike instead of driving. You can log your trips on the website or app (available for Android and Apple users). All logs must be submitted by June 1.
Prizes include: gift cards to local bike shops, tune-ups, bike lights, and helmets. Thanks to Biketopia, Cycology, Echelon, Fountain City Pedaler, Greenlee’s, Harper’s, and Knoxville Bicycle Company for donating!

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